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Just what is the condition of your current network? Inspections can reveal cabling and equipment issues that can have a negative impact on the reliability of your network. Some of the issues that can be uncovered during an inspection can be as simple to remedy as moving a patch cable or as difficult as removing and upgrading the cabling.


What do you need for your current and future networking needs? Checker Electric is able to consult with you to provide pros and cons of the different physical layer (Cabling or Wireless) and equipment technologies available.  This can help to eliminate the majority of various network bottlenecks and incompatibilities.   It can also provide a migration path to support new technologies and reduce costly physical layer upgrades.


How can we make the network changes to increase our return on investment and productivity? A good design will provide a detailed path for the migration of the proposed network updates. Checker Electric tries to balance the cost of current and future technologies available to maximize ROI. Great network design can aid in the execution of installation and reduce network downtime.


Checker Electric has trained staff with BICSI Technician Certification and 25 + years of experience in network installations or project management. Our cabling installations are documented, certified and extremely clean. Along with network installations, Checker Electric is also able to provide almost any electrical needs that you require.


We take pride in our work and believe that any project worth doing is worth doing right!

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The preventative maintenance program is designed to maintain and report on the condition of your network. It is recommended to have the maintenance performed at least once a year but may require more due to environmental conditions. Maintenance could be as simple as a general cleaning and inspection or removal, in-depth cleaning and inspection. Reports are submitted pertaining to the equipment conditions and recommended repairs. This information can also be utilized to track trends, anticipate replacement, locate and audit facility equipment.


Checker Electric believes that the services we provide will enhance your return on investment through reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Preventative cabling and equipment maintenance

Cable plant certification, documentation, and troubleshooting

Wireless design, survey & compliance reporting

Checker Electric is able to Install & Certify a wide variety of cable types including but not limited to CAT6A, CAT6, CAT5, Multi-Mode and Single-Mode fiber. Certification ensures proper operation of your cabling and allows IT staff to focus on other network issues.


With the ever increasing complexity of network devices and configuration, documentation is a must to increase the reliability of your network. Checker Electric will work directly with you to tailor the cabling and equipment documentation information to meet your needs. Certification and documentation of the network cabling and equipment configurations will greatly reduce troubleshooting time which equates to increased productivity and a better bottom line.

Proper design of your wireless network can reduce the overall cost by installing only what is required to provide the specified wireless coverage. Checker Electric has certified AirMagnet staff to provide a clean, dependable wireless installation. We are able to design for facilities that are still on the drawing board, new or existing wireless networks. Checker Electric can also perform advanced troubleshooting and even spectrum analysis that can detect additional sources of wireless interference. Design and survey documentation can be utilized to reduce troubleshooting time and assist in future wireless upgrades.


AirMagnet is able to test and report on a wide variety of compliance requirements that may be required by your facility. Compliance reports include but are not limited to

HIPPA, SOX, DOD, PCI etc. Setup a scheduled compliance reporting interval with

Checker Electric.

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